As the Ashes series begins, let me remind you that this website is all about opinion. Matches and events, news and features merely serve as a vehicle for my forecasts, my view of life. So don't expect a balanced news format; as Shaw said one prejudice is worth 1000 good reasons. Witness my stuff in the Hindu and Sportstar, where I told Sachin Tendulkar how to structure his retirement. Several commentators have followed me. My ambition has always been to show the inner workings of the game. I hope I succeed. 

More Moores

Posted at 13:54 on Saturday 19th April 2014

So the new England coach is Peter Moores, sacked by them just five years ago but now, after an extremely successful spell with Lancashire, forgiven and reinstated. First of a...


Passionate PC

Posted at 09:28 on Friday 4th April 2014

If you see half a dozen elderly gentlemen walking round in circles and scratching their heads, be sure they are those tasked with appointing the new England cricket coach. Th...


The end

Posted at 14:18 on Monday 31st March 2014

I have more or less thrown my hands in the air since the end of the Australian tour but the disgraceful England performance against the Dutch today has roused me to a degree of fury I have rarely felt before even though my main cricket career t...


$evin Pietersen

Posted at 11:07 on Wednesday 12th February 2014

Ah, well, that's a relief. No need to worry that Kevin Pietersen, cast adrift by the England and Wales Cricket Board, will be found starving in a gutter any time...


Just suppose . . .

Posted at 22:35 on Sunday 9th February 2014

I am afraid that I have lost patience with the ECB version of the KP story. If, as they say tonight and Andrew Strauss said in the Sunday Times this morning, Pietersen has lo...


Tale of the Times

Posted at 10:05 on Friday 7th February 2014

To measure the importance of the Kevin Pietersen story to the English nation, you need only read today's Times. This a paper that used to bill itself as the one read by the i...


Winter of miscontent

Posted at 11:58 on Sunday 2nd February 2014

England's most wretched winter - of defeat, of squabble, of sacking - finished in further misery at Stadium Australia , Sydney, today with a run out on their devil score of 111. Australia, grinning as if they could not believe their luck, ...


Who's next?

Posted at 09:46 on Saturday 1st February 2014

Flower goes Peter May, great post-war batsman, successful England captain in 41 Tests and chairman of selectors for six years, once explained to me his thinking when he dropped seven players from a Test side after another huge defeat by...


Flower fired!

Posted at 12:50 on Friday 31st January 2014

Andy Flower, the most successful coach in England's history, has been sacked - by new chief executive Paul Downton - as ECB get tough after the disastrous tour of Australia which hit another low today when Australia won the second T20 a...


At last!

Posted at 06:13 on Wednesday 29th January 2014

This is the moment we have been waiting patiently for all winter. The ball hit through mid wicket for four . . .  the skipper running towards the rest of the players as ...


The last lecture

Posted at 08:58 on Tuesday 28th January 2014

The Ashes - a final review I have waited almost three weeks before launching into this last review of the worst tour of Australia by any England team I can recall.


The choice

Posted at 09:47 on Wednesday 8th January 2014

 So it has come down to this. The humiliating debacle - one runs out of words to describe this worst of all England defeats - has to be laid at the feet of either Andy Flower or Kevin Pietersen who cannot, it seems, comfortably occupy seat...