I was thinking of abandoning the old website and giving myself over to something worthwhile, like doing the washing up, stroking the cat or eating another round of toast. But, hey, saved by those who intended to hurt one. I received an email from the Hindu which said "End of the road, Corbett; no more columns from you." Well, I was not too offended and the writer was Nirmal Shekar an old friend so I pretended not to mind, what with planning my 80th birthday party with all the offspring in attendance and enjoying the feeling of freedom a couple more days a month and not really needing the money. So instead I will be writing here. Spread the word, people; Corbett is back and writing and enjoying it.

There aint no justice!

Posted at 12:00 on Friday 23rd January 2015

 Australia beat England in a tight finish and the judges - Channel Nine's illustrious men of the past - gave the man of the match award to the wrong man, the Oz captain Steve Smith. Now I am a great admirer of Smith - nine centuries in int...



Posted at 11:47 on Monday 19th January 2015

S0 David Warner has been fined for his part in a row with India's Rohit Sharma. Hardly a surprise is it. Australian who seems to be aggressive all the time attacks Indian batsman in the hope the lad will be put off his stroke. 


Diddly squat

Posted at 22:28 on Friday 16th January 2015

It's just like those nights when you don't win the Lottery, isn't it. You spend a week working towards that glorious day when England conquer the World, send the kangeroos home with tails between their legs and the Indians wishing they ...


Resolved . . .

Posted at 14:51 on Thursday 1st January 2015

OK, so it's New Year and time for a couple of resolutions. England need to think big, lets say 6ft 5in, and recall Kevin Pietersen as captain and leading batsman. Go on, be really big and say to the world "Sorry, w...


Dhoni farewell

Posted at 09:27 on Tuesday 30th December 2014

 SO MS Dhonie has decided to quit Test cricket. I hope no-one is surprised. He looked bored to the point of distraction in the Boxing Day Test and that is no way to lead a Test team.No wonder he added the cliche of the year "with imme...


An Indian win?

Posted at 10:16 on Monday 29th December 2014

 Wait for it. The day has not yet come when India can score nearly 350 or maybe even 400 in Melbourne to win a Test. It's what the world, in imitation of the Aussies has learnt to call a big ask. But one day it wll happen although ...


Today the world

Posted at 13:48 on Sunday 28th December 2014

 Kohli and Rahane have made friends all round the world by their long partnership and their driving at Melbourne today. Even the Australian commentators were on their side as they straight batted their way towards the Australian score. Wha...


Mack the strife

Posted at 11:00 on Friday 26th December 2014

BRENDON McCULLUM reached the pinnacle of a career devoted to big hitting when he dashed to 195 in 134 balls off the same Sri Lankan bowlers who kept England on the back foot throughout seven one-day internationals recently. He simply blasted ev...


Oh, so Merry Christmas

Posted at 09:51 on Thursday 25th December 2014

 ALL write, life is not perfect. The mother in law is coming for lunch today and tomorrow - Christmas Day AND Boxing Day! - but we will have to pretend to be too much under the influence to notice which will give me time to think of a coup...


Cook must go

Posted at 16:25 on Tuesday 16th December 2014

 It cannot be obvious to the England selectors but it is as clear as the duck pond across the road from my house . . .  England cannot go into the World Cup with Alastair Cook as their captain.


KP and all that

Posted at 16:02 on Wednesday 8th October 2014

So, have we learnt anything new in the two days of blood letting that has followed the publication of the Testament According to KP? Not really.



Posted at 10:19 on Sunday 17th August 2014

England v India at the Oval Fifth and final Test SUMMARY: It was not so much the all out 92 in 29.2 overs or the defeat by a mind-boggling innings and 244 runs but the manner of it. ...